About “Friends”

As a nonprofit group, Friends work locally with the Timberland Regional Library staff to promote the goals and objectives, as well as the full range of services and resources, offered by the Library within our community. We all share a commitment to maintaining, promoting, and expanding the library and its services.

What We Do:

  • Conduct used book sales daily in the library and twice yearly in the meeting room.
  • Purchase unfunded items for use by the public.
  • Support volunteerism on behalf of the library.
  • Promote use of the library’s services and materials.
  • Serve as community advocates for the library.
  • Support and supply hospitality for educational and cultural programs and events that increase the library’s involvement and visibility in the community.
  • Encourage gifts, endowments, and bequests to help build the library collection.
  • Underwrite special library programs for children, teens, and adults.


History of the Library and “Friends”

The North Mason library began in 1950 in Dorothy Newkirk Harper’s Belfair Drug Store. The drug store was sold in 1958 and when the new owner relocated the store in 1966, the library moved to leased space in the back of a TV shop. In July 1976, it was moved to slightly larger leased space until September 1979.

A new library was opened in November 1979. The Friends of the North Mason Library purchased the land for the library building and deeded the property to the district. TRL purchased additional land at the current site on which a new 14,400 sq. ft. library was built. Download our brochure HERE

The North Mason Library is part of the Timberland Regional Library system.

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